I became interested in psychology in order to gain insight into my issues. I became interested in art in order to resolve them. The studio is a crusible of soul making in a way that the analytical couch is not.

The work is a waking dream, a dialogue with the muse in which the artist as creator is created by his creation. We resist this creative spirit precisely because it acts upon us.
I have had no artistic training. I am a shrink by trade. I started to play with a pile of broken pottery I found in my garden ten years ago to alleviate an intense personal crisis. I began an outdoor mosaic and started collecting recycled crockery.

I stopped after 18 months because the work seemed to demand too much of me and immediatly fell ill. I dreamt that my illness and the unfinished project were connected and started work again. The symptoms, having defied medicine, immediatly cleared up.

Von Franz says,'' unlived life does not sit idly on the shelf, it will turn around and bite you.'' What afflicts us most is not life's trauma but our failure to give soul it's expression. We avoid our potential. It messes with self construct. Healing hurts. That's why it's said, ''be careful what you ask for...''

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